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What Subscribers and Followers Are Saying About The Edge Report

Ed Burgart @qheddie “You are doing good work. Keep it up.”

Jeff Mills @1ProJeff “Good call. I swear I think you are moving lines now @losalracing”

“Thanks for all your effort in putting out "The Edge Report". It helps tremendously!

“you were on fire last night. I think I could have hit the Pick 6 with the Edge Report if I had played it. Great work as always!”

“Great start!! 8-1 top choice winner in the 1st race at @losalracing. This report just keeps producing winners.”

“Unfortunate for the connections of the 4 horse, but good call on My Game Plan! Great night!! I made lots!! Your picks were spot on tonight.”

Justin Golden @justin181174 “great job on the Edge report again last night. You were spot on! You gave us the pick 6. Keep up the great work! P6”

“Nice picks again tonight by you! The report is always very helpful.”

“You were all over the pick 4. I should have played! Glad some did & hit.”

Ray Gastelum @1yellowcorvette “He’s hot!!”

Rod Spicer @DastardlyW “Keep up the great work Edge. Lately you’ve crushed it!”

Eric D. Dives @EDDives “Awesome ‘capping - truly appreciate your write-up and insights.”

Jake Bartels @Bartels99 “It's been a great year.  I'm profitable for the first time over an entire year, for a reason other than luck.  (While I'm writing this, I hit the R2 trifecta at $293)”

“Thanks for great tip in Race #2 @losalracing. Get the @TheLosAlEdge!!!”

annette matejik @ralexzen “Always grateful for your reports. Not sure what I'd do without them.”

“It's ALL due to you! Really!! I dont know if I would have picked the 4 if you didn't mention. BTW, no matter how the rest of the card goes you did a phenomenal job and what an effort to put this report together.”

“Good Evening. Thanks for helping me format my late pick 4 with your top selections. I used the 4 horse in r5 (along with your selects) because of the breeding. The mare being very productive. The race seemed ripe for a price. You helped tremendously in races 6&7”

Chris Kirin @ChrisKirin Great pick on College Scandal, Edge. I hit the super for $4.50 each way by using 23/23/17/17 and 23/23/147/147! Zero to $2720! I can honestly say I would not of had College Scandal without The Edge Report. Thank you!

“The Report has paid for itself many times over!”

Sir Vaysah@SirVaysah “Hey Edge! Subscriber SirVaysah here. Love your report and will renew for sure.”

Michael Bryant @BBlaw “Happy Thanksgiving hope you have a great day. Been great getting your insight”

Darryl Lew@lew_darryl “Got home the Pk6 last night with some help from the Edge Report!”

Wesley D Stancher@wstancher “Maahes is one of your Best Singles ever!! Let’s back that brinks truck up tonight. Should be a very profitable night”

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